2021 Trends to Watch Out for in Outdoor Living

2021 Trends to Watch Out for in Outdoor Living

Being confined at home for most of last year has motivated most of us to explore creative ways to make our outdoor living space adaptable to our new lifestyle.

The kitchen acquired a new role. It morphed into a command center for parents working from home and kids engaging in online classes.

Spending time with loved ones became stay-at-home events held in the living room or dining room, sometimes both.

But being cooped in for 10 months (and counting) and a sweatsuit exclusive wardrobe has taken its toll. Drawing the curtains and keeping the windows open all day just won’t do anymore, even for the agoraphobic.

Outdoor living spaces are now being regarded as alternative venues for new hobbies, Zoom calls, yoga, and recreation. And it will continue to be so, especially with increasing awareness on the importance of nature to mental and physical health.

Let’s take a peek into some practical outdoor living trends in Indianapolis.

2021 Trends to Watch Out for in Outdoor Living in Indianapolis

Remodeling an existing outdoor living space or adding one involves a lot of time and effort. But, the advantages are worth the spend. Make sure to sit down with your design-build team to brainstorm on how to incorporate outdoor living trends in your project:

1. From Occasional Entertaining to Daily Living

The backyard, porch, patio, balcony, deck, stoop, and garden are now the closest thing to being outdoors where we can stay safe and still be productive. If your home doesn’t have one yet, it’s time to consider adding a pergola, a deck, or a patio to your outdoor living space.

In 2021, what used to be entertainment zones will be made more livable and conducive to productivity all year round. In extreme temperatures. And from dawn ‘til dusk.

Stand fans and desk fans will migrate outside in warm months and ceiling fans will be added to pergolas. 

Retractable umbrellas and shade sails will come into the picture to protect from the afternoon sun and so will drop-down screens for protection from mosquitoes.

Come fall and winter, outdoor heating from blankets, heat lamps, fireplaces, fire pits, grills, and pizza ovens will take over.

2. Micro Gardens

When all you have is a few square feet on the perimeter of your Indianapolis home, you make do. That is not to say that you should settle. On the contrary, it’s an opportunity to get creative.

Create a multi-functional area by remodeling your porch, balcony, or the space alongside your home. A yoga mat on the floor, a small table outfitted with drawers and some shelves, and a rattan chair work well together for exercise, remote work, or relaxation.

Decorate vertically. Install a trellis for crawling and climbing plants. Hang a mural on the wall. Install spotlights to showcase the flowers at night. Make use of the ceiling or roof as well by playing around with hanging greens and blooms and ambient lighting.

Your garden induces rest, so splash bright tints on objects for motivation to get work done.

Outdoor living: 3. Gatherings Move from the Backyard to the Front

The year 2020 saw backyards being taken over to homes with seamless transitions to outdoor spaces. Incorporating office and school within their dwelling, families turned to the backyard for more elbow and leg room while working and learning.

Moving forward, we can look towards the outdoor living space for socially distanced entertaining. Your front yard is the best alternative to indoor get-togethers while the latter is still discouraged. With an open space, setting up tables and chairs is possible.

Carve out a section for the dining area and lay pavers leading to it from the front gate and another line from your home. Surround it with plants and use natural flooring like gravel or pebbles. Add a small fountain or birdbath nearby.

Prepare for evening merriment as well. You can mount ambient lighting at strategic points. If possible, install electric outlets for some mood music.

4. A Balance Between Neutral and Bright Colors

For only the second time in the past 22 years, Pantone selected two colors of the year for architecture in 2021 – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (Yellow). It’s a reflection of the times where the mood across the world is subdued yet strong, while hope remains alive.

Outdoor landscapes are sure to follow suit. Expect pavers and brick walls to be in calm, soothing hues of pebbles, ash, smoke, and pewter. Furniture, accessories, and accents in lemon, canary, and gold will provide a vibrant counterpoint.

Outdoor living: 5. Convenient Access to Technology

When renovating your outdoor living area this year, making space for technology is a must, even if it’s just airspace.

Consider electrical outlets, lighting, heating, and WiFi as you plan for your outdoor upgrade.

6. Outdoor Lighting Takes Centerstage

Now that outdoor spaces are serving diverse purposes, lighting options must follow suit. Some will stay functional, while others must address aesthetics.

Task lights illuminate pathways, promote productivity in work and learning areas, and make dining a pleasurable experience.

On the other hand, accent lights bring out the beauty of your landscape and its focal points, such as your favorite flowers. Hurricane lamps provide a relaxing atmosphere when placed on the borders of a swimming pool.

For effective outdoor lighting, it is essential to maintain contrast by keeping certain areas dark. Strategic placement and positioning are also important. Encase bulbs within canisters and hide cables under bushes or shrubs.

Amber, golden, and mild yellow lights from bulbs with lower wattage are preferred over white and bright ones. Avoid big lighting fixtures installed overhead. A dimmer is a good feature to have in spaces utilized for both work and relaxation.

Making Your Outdoor Living Work for You

Designers and builders anticipate a rise in outdoor living remodels and home additions in 2021. This is largely due to the unpredictable future of the pandemic.

Already planning on maximizing your outdoor living space to accommodate the changing needs and traffic flow of your household? The trends described above can point you in the right direction.

But it’s important to keep in mind that your project should be specific to your family’s lifestyle and preferences. Thus, the most important decision you will make is to hire the best design-build team, equipped with knowledge and experience in customized structures.

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