Carmel Remodeling Contractors

Carmel Remodeling Contractors

Just north of Indianapolis, Carmel, Indiana has been named one of the best places to live in America by Forbes, Money Magazine, and the American City Business Journal. This is a city you will be thrilled to call your home!
Carmel is quickly growing and has a population of almost 100,000 people. This safe city boasts stunning neighborhoods, top-quality schools, fantastic shopping and diverse cultural opportunities.
As Carmel, IN continues to grow and the community enhances their overall appeal, homeowners are wanting to hang on tight to their homes. You’ll see a common trend in Carmel to remodel your home spaces as they become outdated or less functional to the owners. Finding quality Carmel remodeling contractors to remodel their bathroom, kitchen, basement or even add on a home addition is on the mind of many Carmel homeowners.

Top Carmel Remodeling Contractors

Nicholas Design & Build is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor with the beautiful city of Carmel, IN for the past 5 years. Because our love of Carmel shows in our craftsmanship; we consistently receive rave reviews from our remodeling clients. Over the years, we have completed dozens of home remodeling projects and work closely with Carmel city officials.

Carmel Kitchen Remodeling

Unlike other cites in the Midwest, Carmel still is a very affordable city to remodel your kitchen. Here’s why. You see, most of the homes were built on a stable building code basis resulting in a good structural start. This means that Carmel homeowners can focus their investment on maximizing their return instead of correcting home maintenance issues. That’s a win!

Nicholas Design & Build

Our team of designers at Nicholas Design & Build meet with homeowners whom are often frustrated by their outdated and dysfunctional homes. This initally made the home more affordable when they purchased. Home prices in Carmel are now dramatically increasing. Homeowners don’t want to give up the fantastic location and superb community living that Carmel offers.
So, we work together with our clients to remodel their kitchen by upgrading the cabinetry to include soft close hinges, drawer dividers, and pot storage. We typically remove walls to help open up the floor plan and the flow of the home.

Carmel Bathroom Remodeling

Imagine, if you will, walking into your bathroom and it feels like you just stepped onto the latest cover of Better Homes and Gardens. No more old, chipped tile. Instead, you see stunning light fixtures, sleek, sexy mirrors and that tub makes you wanna climb right in! (Please pass the bath salts!)

Nicholas Design & Build

Over the past 5 years, our team of designers, carpenters, and builders at Nicholas Design Build have been remodeling bathrooms in Carmel. We can simply replace your dysfunctional bathroom vanity with a custom designed vanity that perfectly stores everything you need, right where you want it. (Yes, I am talking about a drawer with an outlet for your hairdryer. No more plugging it in and putting it away every single day!) We could also just gut the whole thing and start over fresh, whatever your bathroom and you need. Nicholas Design & Build is ready to help!

Carmel Basement Remodeling and Finishing

Most of us purchased our home in Carmel with an unfinished basement. It now has become the unfortunate landing place for all our unwanted junk and is a giant waste of space. Eventually, we grow tired of the junk and begin imagining new basement remodeling ideas. Many basement remodeling ideas in Carmel include: adding a theater area, kids play room, bar area, man cave, or creating a secondary living suite for your guests. Our creative design build team is experienced in designing and remodeling basements in Carmel, no matter your vision.

Nicholas Design & Build

Our team will begin your Carmel Basement Finishing with an Project Assessment, a series of questions that helps us determine exactly what you and your family want to get out of your basement. Using thoughtful and purposeful questions, we are able to establish exactly what to include in your new dream basement.

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