Is Home Remodeling Worth it?


Before starting any project, especially one that can be costly, it is very important to evaluate why you want to do the project. Sure, we all skip ahead and start throwing together images from Houzz. We save Facebook posts of new homes but the real question remains, is home remodeling worth it? We’re the pros in the area of remodeling, so we put together this article to answer all your questions. After you have a better understanding on remodeling, then you can feel confident about your decisions to remodel your Indiana home. 

Home remodeling can be so beneficial to those who truly need or want to remodel. Some remodel simply because they want to update and change their existing home. Others think a little more strategically and think ahead to increasing the value of their home. Flipping a house has become very popular these days. We even see a growing amount of remodeling reality tv shows on channels like HGTV. There are definitely benefits behind remodeling IF done well.



There are a few physical signs any homeowner can look for around a property that will hint at a remodel needing to be completed.

Leaking roofs, chipped paint, termites, or tile detachment are often on the list of signs your home needs some work.

If you notice these damages on your property it’s important to find help right away. Hire a trustworthy contractor that can turn your potential disaster into dreams. In the Indiana area, we often see a good bit of hail damage. If this happens to your home, your insurance company should be contacted and they could be responsible for the necessary repairs. You’ll notice that often homeowners who are repairing home damage, go ahead and remodel a space or two in their home.

You don’t have to wait until you see damages either! Our Indiana homes are often one of our greatest investments, so keeping it up to date and well maintained is important. Nicholas Design Build is open to discussing any remodeling or repair project you have on your mind. We want to ensure that you are given the best advice, design options, and guidance throughout the entire process. Our dynamic team is full of creative and determined members who are absolute professionals at what they do.

Can you write off home remodeling?

We wish we could ensure that your remodeling costs are able to be written off on your taxes but sadly that is not the case! There are ways around this however… Installing equipment like solar panels or anything that will be considered “energy efficient” can qualify you for some tax credit. If you are making medical improvements to your property, then this can be written off as a tax deductible in some cases.

Is Home Remodeling Worth it

Does a bathroom remodel increase home value?

A bathroom is the key point of any home, especially the master bathroom. Think about it… Would you want just any bathroom in your home or if given the chance would you take the super upgraded luxurious bathroom? I think we can all say that we would obviously take the super upgraded bathroom. In general, you can recoup about 67% of the amount you invest into your bathroom remodel.

Whenever we leave the bathroom, we want to feel refreshed, not stressed or grossed out. Just thinking about a bathroom with problematic appliances or lack of space gives me anxiety. We generally enjoy large open spaces where we feel we have enough room to store things without them being seen. It is a bonus if our bathroom can also serve as a little paradise island.

After a long day at work or a stressful week you can spend lots of self care time in your bathroom trying to relax and recover from the hectic work world.

With all of that being said, it is vital to always have a presentable bathroom when trying to sell a home. You would not purchase a home that did not have a bathroom that you could relax, refresh, and reset.  There is a wealth of potential with bathroom remodeling which can do ample things for a property’s value. Replacing vinly flooring with heated tile flooring or installing a gorgeous new tub can do wonders for your home’s resell value.

How much does a kitchen remodel increase home value?

A kitchen remodel can increase a home’s value and can be beneficial for both the seller and buyer. Kitchen remodels are excellent investments and you can usually recoup about 54% of your total investment when selling. In terms of increasing your home’s value with a kitchen remodel please remember to be cautious of costly upgrades. The remodel will increase your home’s value but almost never as much as you will pay to remodel it. Our team of experts work diligently to make improvements that will benefit your family’s lifestyle needs and consider the overall value of your home.

Is it worth it to remodel a home BEFORE YOU sell?

Like we said before, we have seen all the HGTV shows and totally understand where they may be persuading you to brainstorm a bunch of “what if” remodeling scenarios. We feel it is unfair to tell you a yes or no without hearing your exact details first.

Every home and family is different. With the right vision and team it can be a wise choice to remodel before selling your home. Remodeling a home to sell is a large responsibility and needs to have a great team to ensure a process that ends as an investment and not a debt pit.


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