Patio Remodel Ideas For The Winter Season

Patio Remodel Ideas For The Winter Season

As the colder seasons roll around, the time we spend outside begins to dwindle and dwindle. What if we told you that is doesn’t have to? With a well-designed patio remodel, you can continue to enjoy and entertain in your outdoor living areas all year long. All you have to do is invest in quality patio remodeling contractors that can help you to weather-proof the space. Because the worst thing you can do is spend all that money on a outdoor patio that you can only use for half of the year.

Patio Remodel Ideas For The Winter Season

Before construction begins, talk with you design-build team about your wants and concerns when it comes to outdoor living. Be sure to note how much you entertain and what features are most important. If you get stuck, here are some of out top Patio Remodeling Ideas For The Winter Season.

1. Fire Feature And Heat Sources

The most effective thing you can do for your patio remodel for the winter months is to add a heat source. One way to do this is by adding artificial heat lamps that come in a variety of styles and sizes. For small spaces, you can opt for electric wall mounted units that heat the area without taking up too much surface area. 

Another, often more useful heat source, is to add a fire feature like a fire pit or fireplace to your patio area. Fire pits not only help to create a focal point for conversation, but also add an exciting visual design element to the space. Plus! Who doesn’t love cooking smores at the firepit on a cold winter night?

2. Retractable Screens and Enclosed Spaces

Even when the temperature isn’t that low, the wind chill can be more than enough to keep you indoors. The solution? Creating an enclosed space where your guests can hang out without being blown away.

Talk with your design-build team about the possibility of integrating retractable motorized screens to your outdoor patio ares. Aside from your patio overhang that provides shade and protects from rain and snow, retractable screens allow a removable way for you to protect against bugs and wind.

3. Consider adding a hot tub to your patio remodel

Imagine stargazing with a glass of wine in hand as the warmth and jets of your hot tub soothe all you aches and pains. Adding a hot tub to your patio remodel is one of the best ways to create an outdoor oasis for the frigid winter months.

A design tip we love to include in our patio remodels is to have hanging plants like eucalyptus near the hot tub space. These plants when mixed with the steam provide aromatherapy to subdue all your winter blues.

4. Install a Kitchen in Your Patio Remodel

Nothing warms you up more than a hot delicious meal by the fire! Installing a kitchen in your patio remodel is a worthwhile investment that you can use all year long. Whether you’d prefer to grill steaks or have your very own wood brick pizza oven, a patio kitchen is a great way to warm up the space and entertain your guests without ever having to go indoors.

Design tip: to really finish off the space, add a dining set with pillows and blankets to create a cozy atmosphere to unwind in.

5. Outdoor Theatre And Sound Systems

Looking for the ultimate patio remodel entertaining feature? Then you need an outdoor theatre system. Talk with your design-build team about adding a projector and retractable screen that you can take out whenever you want to watch a movie with the family or have friends over for the big game. When you’re not using the screen, you can still utilize the surround sound system for parties and casual dinners.

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