Our Design Build Process in 3 Easy Steps

Our Design Build Process in 3 Easy Steps

What do you look for when researching a contractor you are wanting to hire? Knowing how a company works is very important, especially when they will be working in your home.  The design build process is different than the traditional design-bid-build approach. 

Some contractors are specialists while others are generalists, so make sure their abilities are appropriate to your project. Take time to see their work firsthand and look for three things: some similarity to your project, quality materials and workmanship, and consistent client satisfaction.

Why Nicholas Design Build?

Like you, we believe that remodeling your home should be a simple and exciting collaboration. With Nicholas Design Build you can remodel with confidence! Our team is always learning and improving our remodeling process. We share the belief that a well-crafted plan is the foundation for any successful project. However, we take it a step further by continuously evaluating our work, processes, and communication strategies to identify areas for improvement.


Our unwavering dedication to refining our straightforward remodeling process is geared towards delivering a unique dream home to our clients with every project we undertake.

Our Design Build Process

Our entire design build process takes place under one roof, providing a simple and exciting experience of working with one expert team from start to finish. This is broken down into 3 easy steps: concept, design, and build.


    1. Conceptual Design: Home remodeling can be a complex process, but it all begins with conceptual design. Conceptual design is the first step in creating a cohesive and functional plan for your home renovation. It involves brainstorming ideas, exploring options, and developing a vision for what you want your space to look and feel like. As a homeowner, it is important to take the time to understand the conceptual design process and work closely with your design team to ensure that your project meets your needs, preferences, and budget. Using high-end 3D technology, we open your eyes to stunning possibilities, meeting your family’s lifestyle needs.
    2. Detailed Design: Once you have taken the time to review and refine your conceptual design plan, the next step would move you into the detailed design. This is where the design-build firm creates a detailed design plan that includes all the necessary specifications, materials, and construction details. This plan may include drawings, schedules, and requirements that outline the scope of work for the project.
      1. No one likes surprises when building or remodeling. Incorporating our superior craftsman earlier in the project ensures things run smoothly and gets you a confirmed start date with a Build Retainer.
    3. Build Agreement: The final step in our process is a build agreement which is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the construction project. Our proven team of construction craftsmen will communicate daily to ensure you know the project is progressing as it should, getting done right, and your family is safe whether something arises during construction or after, NDB is committed to your satisfaction. This peace-of-mind has become known as the NDB difference.
Our Process

Benefits to the Design Build Process

Our design-build firm offers several benefits compared to traditional construction project delivery methods . Here are some of the advantages of working with us:

    1. Single Point of Responsibility
    2. Enhanced Collaboration
    3. Time and Cost Savings
    4. Improved Communication and Decision-Making
    5. Increased Accountability
    6. Greater Innovation and Quality
    7. Streamlined Project Management

To find out more about what Design Build is all about, click here.


Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, basement, sunroom addition, or whole house remodel, we want you to remodel with confidence. Nicholas Design Build comes with a three-year, no hassle warranty on any workmanship. When the job is complete, we deliver change. Contact us today to see our design build process in action!