Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Create a Home Oasis

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Create a Home Oasis

A luxury bathroom remodeling project might just be the thing to transform your bathroom into a home oasis. You deserve a space in your home to relax and feel like you are in your own personal spa! Within your lifetime you spend an average of 2 years in the bathroom (DailyInfographic).  While those 2 years might not be the most relaxing, your bathroom should still create an environment you feel calm and pampered in. While the idea of luxury bathroom remodeling may seem draining, the right features will be nothing short of worth it!

Luxury bathroom remodeling ideas for your home oasis

Before any work is done, talk with you design-build team about any visions or wants that you have for the aesthetic of your home oasis bathroom. Be sure to discuss any feature recommendations that your home builder might have to increase the value of your home further. If you are looking for ideas to get started, here are some luxury bathroom remodeling ideas to create a home oasis.

1. Add underfloor heating to your luxury bathroom remodeling plans


Nothing creates a more luxurious touch to your bathroom than only the finest of details. Underfloor heating is one of the cornerstones of a home oasis and bringing that spa experience into your home. Gone are the days of stepping out of the bath onto the cold tile! Warmth and luxury will always make your space more hearth-like.

Want to leverage the comfort of heated floors? Accent the floor with multiple rugs of varying textures. Textiles of faux fur, braided rope, and other warm-feeling materials will add a more visual aid to the warmth under your feet. Check out this article for more benefits of heated floors!

2. incorporate a fireplace into your bathroom REMODEL

Speaking of making your bathroom more hearth-like, why not bring in the hearth! Incorporate a fireplace in your luxury bathroom remodeling plans. Imagine slipping in a nice bath with a glass of wine on a winter night. Outside a light snowfall, inside a warm fireplace illuminates your bathroom.

The fireplace also provides plenty of opportunity to create a central focus of your bathroom. If the fireplace you choose has a mantel, it can house more elements to make your bathroom feel more like a spa! From a simple essential oil diffuser to a small speaker for natural, peaceful ambiance.


3. Make counter-space and storage central to your luxury bathroom remodeling plan


Make your cramped single bathroom cabinet and counter a thing of the past. Nothing is less relaxing for you than a cramped and cluttered space! When planning for your luxury bathroom remodeling, make additional cabinet- and counter-space critical!  And why just stop at the counters and cabinets, consider adding a closet space or additional shelving. Finally, that hallway closet can be emptied and left for other storage use rather than all of your extra towels and toiletries.

4. Add a central lighting fixture

Pulling focus towards one central lighting fixture will make any bathroom feel more luxurious. In order to create your home oasis, you need proper lighting fixtures. Whether you decide to bring that lighting focus to your full body vanity, center of the room, or your free-standing bathtub, lighting is always important. Go for something more grand to really separate your luxury home oasis bathroom from the rest of your home.

Remember to always go for soft light in your bathroom spaces. Maybe even consider adding that dimmer you have always dreamed of!


5. bring in multiple textures for luxury bathroom remodeling projects


Think about the last time you were at the spa, was everything stark in texture and color? Of course not! Our last idea for your home oasis is to bring in multiple textures, wood, marble, glass, etc., throughout your bathroom. Luxury is not about one single element, but pulling from the best of everything available! When it comes to your cabinets, bathroom appliances, mirror frames or even doors and windows, choose different textures that will bring in the best of everything.

Bring in different finishes to things as well. Smooth stone cools a space and makes it feel more organic. Metallic accents of gold and silver always make a space pop. These different  textures help break up a space and open it up.

Nicholas Design Build bathroom remodeling

At Nicholas Design Build, we have transformed hundreds of homes in the Indianapolis area. We know the importance of your bathroom spaces and can help you to maximize your budget to increase your home’s value and improve its appearance. We also provide a three-year warranty on all workmanship so you can remodel with confidence!


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