How To Create The Perfect Basement Bar

How To Create The Perfect Basement Bar

Are you looking to create the perfect basement bar space! Whether it’s for a man-cave, more home entertaining space, or just an adult get-away from the kids, a basement bar can add a huge sense of luxury to your home! Right below your feet is a space that’s just waiting to be flipped into the new life of your home.

Remodeling Ideas for your perfect basement bar

Before any construction begins, talk with your design-build team about how you like to entertain your friends and family. Are you looking to host a large party with your friends, design a space just for you and your partner, or the perfect bar for a night-cap? Whatever your style, here are some of our top remodeling ideas for your perfect basement bar!

1. create a long functional bar

A long functional bar will create the perfect entertaining and sitting space for you, your family, and your guests! Line the bar space with comfortable bar stools, choose a beautiful counter top that will keep the drinks full and the party rocking!

Considering adding a nice TV or stereo around the bar to set the mood perfectly! Ensure the bar also has adequate storage space for everything you need to make everyone’s favorite drink! You’ll need adequate space for all of the drink ingredients, utilities, and glasses. Plus anything for snacks and entertainment. Don’t forget the ever popular popcorn machine!

Make sure that the bar flows nicely into all of the other available space in the basement, you don’t want the bar to be too far from everything else in your basement. It should be close enough to a separate seating area, any games, and other important aspects of your custom basement space!

2. include a full-functioning suite kitchen in your basement bar

You don’t want to have to walk all the way back upstairs just to grab a snack. That’s why you need to bring in a suite style kitchen behind your bar! Introduce everything you’ll need to heat up a quick snack right from the bar!

Bring in a mini-fridge, microwave, and small stove to complete your suite kitchen! Obviously also bring in a sink, and if your family uses a lot of dishes you might want to throw in a smaller dishwasher as well! Either way, bringing the kitchen into your basement will up your basement bar game!

3. step your electrical game up

 This is the most important part of creating your perfect basement bar. The possibilities with electrical in your basement are immense! You’ll be able to create so much with the perfect electrical set up.

Your basement bar needs unique lighting! Add in a dimmer for a unique touch. The stereo system you’re able to connect within your basement space will create the perfect space for an impromptu dance party! Or get everyone ready for the big game next to your TV!

Introduce lighting under your bar top and make sure your electrical is all set up to handle the introduction of all of the necessary bar amenities! Make sure to talk to your design-build team about the electrical possibilities. I mean, of course, you HAVE to have the daiquiri machine in that corner over there!

4. think of the entertaining duties of your basement bar

It’s not likely you’ll only want to make your basement space into a bar, you can only entertain so much at a bar! In order to make the perfect basement bar space, there needs to be space that isn’t necessarily the bar space. Maybe your entertaining duties will require a separate seating area for group conversations or karaoke!

Speaking of fun, you may want to consider adding in bar games as well! Pack in the billiard table or bring in darts, your guests should have a number of options for entertainment.

5. stick to one aesthetic

When designing and creating your basement bar space, it’s important to take into consideration the overall aesthetic that is being alluded to. What will really tie in your entire bar space together is our dedication to sticking to one clear aesthetic!

While it’s easy to get excited and pack a bunch of things that your family loves into the space, it can easily become cluttered and the space won’t read as a functional bar. Ensure that your design choices are clear in terms of the style and aesthetics desired!

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