How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor?

How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor?

Thinking of giving your home a facelift or finally making improvements that have made that “To-Do” list grow daily? Wondering how to choose a remodeling contractor?

Before you start, there are a lot of tips and tricks that are good for all homeowners to know in general. Remodeling is expensive, time-sensitive, and a huge commitment so it’s important to make sure that you are making a choice that will be an investment for your home! Don’t worry, we’ve done our research and we know exactly how to guide you through your own personal remodeling experience! 

Do I Need a Contractor to Remodel my home?

The first place that all homeowners should start begins with themselves and their own desires. It is important that you know exactly what you want in your remodeling experience. This way you can convey that to a contractor if you choose to hire one.

Now, let’s get to the basics on how to tell if you should or shouldn’t hire a contractor for your remodeling. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to quickly figure this answer out!

  • Remodeling takes a lot of time, do you have the time required?
  • Do you have the tools needed for the project?
  • Is your remodeling experience right for the tasks at hand?
  • Permitting is a big deal, do you know how to properly do the permitting?

If you answered yes to all of these questions you may just be a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) expert! If you answered no to at least one of these you should look into hiring a professional.

The last thing any homeowner wants is paying extra to fix projects they thought they could handle alone!

How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor

Which Contractor Did Your Friends Use? 

So you decided you aren’t the handyman you see on HGTV after all. If you decided to go with hiring a contractor, we’re here to help.

There are a couple of things that all homeowners can do in order to find quality and trustworthy contractors for the remodeling project. The best and most ideal way is through word of mouth. It is helpful because it gives some homeowners an advantage by allowing them to see first hand how a contractor handled a remodeling project.

Try asking your friends on Facebook to give you some great direction. When talking with someone who is recommending a certain contractor it is vital to ask them many key questions about their experience.

Find out why it was positive for them. A good question to end with would be “Would you remodel your home again with the same contractor?” 

Gather a Few Remodeling Contractor Options

Homeowners should strive to have a couple of options when looking for candidates for their remodel. A good number to gage with is always three. You want enough room for choice but don’t want to feel overwhelmed. The preliminary research to find the right contractor for the job can get pretty extensive!

The first thing homeowners should do is check with local and state municipalities in order to ensure the candidate has all licenses required by law. Another plus for any candidate would be if they are part of well-known associations (i.e. National Kitchen & Bath Association).

Some certifications do not require much and certainly do not mean the project will be done properly and timely.  

Trust Your Gut When Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Lastly, we encourage homeowners to always interview candidates before making a decision. This is where a lot of those details that aren’t on paper will come into play.

Clear and effective communication is going to be the most important thing for a homeowner and contractor to have. If an interviewee isn’t responding in a timely manner this could be a red flag! If you have trouble understanding one another then this just might not be the perfect choice for you either!

During an interview, there are lots of questions to ask contractors. Make sure that you are covered once you decide to move forward with your remodeling.

Some of the questions are as follows:

  • Do you have insurance?
  • I want to increase my home’s value, how much will my remodel add to my home’s value?
  • How will your company strive to maintain my budget?
  • How long has your company been in business?
  • Do you mind if I see some of your past projects? 

Why is Nicholas Design Build Right For You?

We’re biased contractors, but we think we’ve earned that bias!

Now that we’ve given you all the tips and tricks for finding the ideal contractor, let us tell you all the reasons why Nicholas Design Build is the perfect match for your home! Kyle Nicholas is located in the Indianapolis area and operates not just a building company but also a design company. This is what makes Nicholas Design Build such a fantastic company because remodeling your home is already a big enough headache and it’s not always as simple as using one company for all the heavy lifting.

Most cases, someone must be hired to design your remodel and another company to actually carry out those plans. Nicholas Design Build can do both for you and alleviate common stress in the remodeling process. This company uses new and innovative 3 dimensional technology in order to design your remodel and open the door for many opportunities. Working with one team instead of multiple is beneficial for customers because it keeps everyone on the same track with the same end goal and vision in mind.

An Unheard of Warranty

 Kyle Nicholas is an experienced and trustworthy contractor who stands behind his work and his expert team. This is proven true by the rare 3 year warranty offered by Nicholas Design Build’s company to its customers.

Most contractors use a common 6 month to 1 year warranty but not Kyle. He wants to ensure only the best for his customers and that you not only have a perfect remodel but also keep that remodel perfect!

Another measure that Nicholas Design Build takes to ensure that they are number one and stay number one in Indianapolis is after each project the team will reconvene to analyze how the job went. During these sessions Kyle Nicholas and his team will evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and what to do in the future.

Being their own toughest critic has led this company to establish the professional and trustworthy reputation they have to this day and Nicholas Design Build does not plan on stopping anytime soon. Our constant striving to be the best for our clients shows in our new customers, as we get most of our new business from Facebook or Nextdoor referrals and word of mouth referrals.

One Last Piece of Advice

When choosing contractors, there are many things to look for which we have covered in today’s article but if we could give you one last piece of advice we certainly will.

When remodeling, please remember the quality of the company and contractors you hire will impact the quality of the final product. This is why it is vital for homeowners to do more than enough outside research to ensure they are working with a company they can TRUST. Nicholas Design Build is ready to be that team for you!


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