Getting the Most Value on Your Bathroom Upgrade

Getting the Most Value on Your Bathroom Upgrade

Functionality and comfort. These comprise the yardstick of a great bathroom upgrade.

Warm flooring, no-drip faucets and shower, a toilet that flushes well, and a ringless tub all spell peak performance and must-haves.

When your bathroom no longer meets either of these standards, it’s time for a mandatory upgrade.

But renovating this space can be expensive, especially if it’s in a master suite. Plan the makeover well so that your spending will tip the scale in favor of necessity rather than whim.

Getting the Most Value for Money on Your Bathroom Upgrade

Before having any work done, identify the sections in your bathroom you would like to change or improve. Then, sit down with your design-build team to discuss the most cost-effective way to get it done. Here are some features you would want to look into:

1. Master Bathroom Addition or Improvement

If your master bedroom doesn’t come with its own bathroom, list the pros and cons of having one. Chances are, the column for pros will be much longer.

While this home addition could entail a big budget, it would be worth the expense. The time and effort you’ll save over the following years of not sharing a bathroom with the crazy kids is more than enough reward.

As a couple, your relationship will benefit from having your own private sanctuary that provides the freedom to be romantic away from it (and them) all. Light candles, scatter flower petals on the floor, who would mind?

On the other hand, if you already have a master bathroom, conduct a thorough inspection every 10-15 years. Look closely at the plumbing, water and lighting fixtures, tiles, flooring and storage. If more than two of these need to be replaced, consider a remodel instead.

Master bathroom remodeling is a wise investment not only because it increases the value of your property but also because it transforms the space into a more functional one. Think about it: Next to the kitchen, this is your most used room in the home. Does it still serve your current needs the way it has for the past decade or so?

2. Energy Efficient Lighting

If one of your bathroom walls isn’t connected to any other part of your home, then have windows added there. The wider, the better. More than one wall is superb! Natural lighting lowers your electricity consumption, not to forget the health benefits of sunlight.

To maximize its benefits, paint the walls of your bathroom white or in any light color, like eggshell or cream. This will help reflect the sun’s rays into the room. Tiles in similar hues and large mirrors provide the same effect.

You want your bathroom always warm so window panes are a good choice. Select one or two movable ones, though, for ventilation. Those would help lower your energy bill, too, as they eliminate the need for exhaust fans.

When windows are not feasible, upgrade your lighting fixtures with more practical options. For instance, the lights above your mirror illuminate a limited space. Replace them with task lights around the mirror.

Recessed LED lights in the ceiling cover a wider area and are energy efficient too. Dimmers and color light therapy spell cost savings, while giving the atmosphere a spa-like ambiance. 

Bathroom Upgrade: 3. Storage, Organizers and Cabinetry

Investing in high quality built-in cabinets, drawers and shelving is money well spent. Think about how many times you open and close them every day, and in a setting that’s wet and moist. You would want waterproof materials that won’t warp.

Keeping similar items together and in their specific space eliminates clutter, which takes your bathroom’s “relaxation haven” meter up a notch. It will also save you the time spent looking for what you need when you need them.

Position storage additions according to your morning, afternoon and evening routine. For instance, place makeup and shaving kits in drawers just below the mirror. This allows you to make less movements when preparing for work.

Migrating toiletries and bathing stuff from your bedroom closet to bathroom cabinets also makes for better organization of both spaces.

4. Separate the Tub-and-Shower Combo

The benefits of this upgrade are twofold: It raises the resale value of your home and it makes your bathroom more functional, especially if it’s shared.

Creating a space for a separate shower means less morning traffic when two family members can go about their routines at the same time. Keep in mind, though, that a bathroom remodel isn’t a simple renovation. Prepare your budget and the household for at least two weeks of construction.

Bathroom Upgrade 5. Tile and Flooring Replacement

Did you make major changes in your master bedroom and its own bathroom doesn’t appear to complement it anymore? Are the tiles already chipped in many places? Does the flooring turn out to be too cold for your toddler?

At the end of the day, if you finally decide to push through with the project, keep in mind that tiles and flooring aren’t easy to change like paint and fixtures. So, choose durable materials with colors, designs and textures that will be evergreen.

If the upgrade is solely for aesthetics, you can save big bucks by focusing on a few spaces rather than doing an overhaul. Add a backsplash to your vanity and a recessed shelf or two with mosaic tile in the shower, for instance.

Alternatively, you may opt for non-tile materials that are easier to clean and replace but can duplicate the look. Using PVC panels for shower walls and wood or concrete for the flooring are great ideas.

6. Countertop Revamp

This surface stands out in the landscape of a bathroom due to its proximity to the line of sight. At the same time, it’s multi-functional, serving as a terminal for all bathroom stuff on their way to storage or being used.

Thus, your bathroom countertop must be both pleasing to the eye and easy to clean and maintain. If you’re working on a tight budget, choose a laminate with patterns that look like high-end material like granite. But if you have money to spare, quartzite is recommended. Or, of course, genuine granite.

make Sure Your Bathroom Upgrade Gives Value for Money

Bathrooms are spaces that are as relaxing as they are utilitarian. As such, you must regard both on equal footing when planning for an upgrade.

Fixtures must serve your lifestyle well and for a long time. Likewise, the style should complement your taste and the design of your home.

The surefire way to achieve these objectives is to hire a reputable design-build team that understands the importance of the bathroom to a family’s well being and future resale value.


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