Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Closet Organization

How to Expand Your Space & Shrink Your Wardrobe (Without Actually Shrinking Your Wardrobe)

Closets can be tricky. You always end up having more stuff than space available.  Having an organized space is possible and starts with a design plan that uses your space strategically.

With these tips, tricks, and ideas not only will you have enough space for your entire wardrobe, but you just might have extra space to grow it some more.

Let’s jump right in and make the most of your wardrobe and closet space!

How to Organize Your Closet Space

1. Think it Through

The best way to think about closet organization is to consider where things will go in a thoughtful manner. How do you think about your wardrobe? Do you consider each season? When you are getting dressed do you think about it by occasion, by color, or maybe by type of garment? Whatever your way of thinking is…that is how you should organize your clothes!

2. Adjustable Shelves & Built-Ins

This is part of the strategic thinking as mentioned above. This will be a life saver and isn’t something you need have to pay a company to do. You absolutely can, but it isn’t a must.  (Check out this post, if you’d like to see more options for built-ins.)  As long as you have the right tools, and are handy, your local hardware store will have all the supplies you need!

When thinking about built-ins, think about how much you hang versus what you will want on a shelf. Do you need a designated space for dresses to hang? Hang blouses, tops and pants above shelves and dress where nothing is beneath them. Adjustable shelves are great for baskets, tall boots and low flats. They’re also the  perfect place for your purses and to stack your t-shirts and bulky sweaters you don’t want to hang.

3. Wicker Baskets

And no, this isn’t JUST for the aesthetic appeal (though it is an obvious bonus.) If you are going to organize your closet, you might as well make it cute too!

Wicker baskets are perfect, especially on those adjustable shelves we just talked about. These are a beautiful accent and is perfect to store your undergarments like socks. Maybe even put hats and gloves in them for colder months.

4. Designated Wall for Accessories & Mirror

If you have the space, consider designating a wall for your long mirror plus jewelry and other accessories like scarves and hats. These are the accessories you put on last, and base fully on the clothes you’ve already picked out.

How many times have you picked a necklace out, walked to your mirror, don’t like it, and turned around to do it all again? Well, stop it! Now it’s right there, hats, scarves and jewelry all displayed beautifully around your mirror for easy access and neat organization.

5. Hang Your Rod High

If you can, hang your rods high.  This will leave extra space at the bottom for shoes or other storage, like a hamper or extra drawers. You can place your rods just low enough that nothing will hang on the ground, but you have and extra shelf above for luggage, all those purses, or the seasonal items you only need for half the year.

Do whichever is best for you (and ensure you have a foldable step stool, just in case, for either option) The goal is to optimize every inch of your closet!

6. Add An Island!

If you have a little extra space in your closet, consider an island.   If your wall space is all taken, but you still need to store more clothes this is a great option.

An island is also one way to add a luxurious element to your closet. You can even incorporate outlets to it, which could be extremely beneficial.

The island can also easily turn into your vanity. With drawers upon drawers for more storage of all kinds, the top of the vanity can even be utilized for jewelry with trays on it.

7. Utilize the Door (or any Extra Wasted Wall Space)

Maybe you don’t have an entire extra wall for both a mirror AND jewelry, or hats and scarves. That’s okay, most people don’t!

Many people don’t even have enough hats or scarves to fill an entire wall, whether jewelry and a mirror are included or not! If you aren’t one of the lucky few, but still have a few hats and scarves with no home, hang them on the door.

Again, we are maximizing every inch of your space! This way, they are organized and, in a spot where you can see all your options laid out, but they are out of the way!

Are you worried that your accessories will fall off the door? It’s okay, we all have that one spot on the wall (normally right next to the door) that isn’t being used. Roughly a foot or 18 inches of space and that’s it.

Hang a towel rod, perfect for all your scarves! You could also hang 3-4 adhesive hooks for the couple of hats you do have. Easy-peasy!

Closet organization can be as annoying as spring cleaning, or preparing your home’s exterior for the fall/winter months.  However, it’s also one of those things that you will not regret doing once it’s finally done…and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Picking out clothes each morning isn’t something that’s going away, nor is your wardrobe going to shrink (don’t try to kid yourself, we all know it’s just going to keep growing faster than it dwindles) so reward yourself now and organize that beautiful closet of yours! It will make getting ready so much easier, and you’ll know exactly what you have so you can continue expanding your personal style.