7 Must-Haves For Your Mudroom Remodel

7 Must-Haves For Your Mudroom Remodel

A mudroom remodel might just be the thing your family needs in your home! A mudroom feature placed very strategically in your living space can make your house seem much more like home. Mudrooms give you a space to transition from the outside to the inside, it allows you to tidy up and get settled before relaxing in your space. It gives a space for the little ones to keep their rain boots and coats, a space for the garden lover to clean used pots, and for those with a loving pet to keep their leashes and such organized!

7 Mudroom remodel must-haves

It’s important to know which of these must-haves can best serve your family.When designing your mudroom ensure that all of your family can be together at least once with a meeting with your design-build team. Make sure they are aware of your families routine so they can best design and plan a special mudroom for your unique family! Now here are 7 Mudroom Remodel Must-Haves for you to consider.

1. Add a seating area to your mudroom remodel

A real game changer for transitioning between the outdoor and indoor spaces is a designated seating area! No more bending down to take off your shoes, or rushing straight to the kitchen counter with groceries before taking off your coat.

Adding a seating area into your mudroom allows you to have a space to collect yourself and properly prepare to enter or exit your home. Now even the little ones have an area to put their backpacks while they tie up those laces before school!

2. Install a sink into your mudroom

When it comes to a mudroom, it’s important to understand where this should be. Are you placing it near the backyard garden, the garage, or the front door? If it’s the latter than you might want to sit this one out, but if it’s any of the other options a sink can make your mudroom much more functional!

Make sure you talk to your design-build team about the current water system and options you have to introducing a line into your mudroom. A sink gives you the perfect place to wash your children’s hands after they’ve been outside, a place to wash a towel or two, to rinse off any gardening tools, or even clean mud off your shoes! Maybe you just need to splash some water on your face before heading out to work in the morning, the mudroom sink is multi-functional!

3. organize your space with lots of cubbies

One crucial aspect of your mudroom is the organization and management of the space. With how much movement and activity surrounds the openings of your house, it is easy to lose track of things. Shoes can pile up and bags can get thrown around. Ditch the clutter with lots of cubbies to keep everything organized. Use hooks and hangers to organize coats, keys, and lanyards.

Want something more? Give each family member, including your four-legged friends, a dedicated space in the mudroom!

4. make use of your vertical spaces

When it comes to any organizational space it is important to never forget or under-utilize your vertical spaces! Make sure that your space is fully functional from floor to ceiling by adding as many cubbies, cabinets, and drawers as possible in the space you have marked off for your mudroom remodel.

Whether it is accessible by step stool, or built into the space with easy access solutions, i.e. stairs or ladders, make the most out of your vertical spacing!

5. Add a low tub into your mudroom remodel

Again, make sure to talk to your design-build team about your current water line set up to see if it is possible to bring in a small, ground level tub into your mudroom. Having a small tub with a foot level spigot or facet will allow you to yet another space to get rid of any dirt or grime from the outside.

A place to wash the shoes after your kids go play in the mud after it rains, a place to wash your dog after they dig too far in your front yard, or a place to wash your garden pots when winter comes. The secret to the most successful mudrooms is function!

Make sure you don’t just stop at the tub, include a space to leave things out to dry as well!

6. Add adequate lighting and mirrors

Depending on the exact location of your mudroom, the lighting can be very important to consider. If your mudroom is in the front of your house, visible to guests, you want to make sure the lighting is good enough to make a first-impression of your space

The lighting of the mudroom, paired with a number of mirrors in your space will give you a good last look at yourself before you head out of the house! No more selfie mode walks to the car to make sure you are all put together.

7. Make the space multi-functional

As mentioned above, the secret to a successful mudroom is ensuring it is multi-functional. So don’t stop at the mudroom functions. Free up space in your kitchen, hallway, or bathroom by moving in the laundry appliances too! Turn your mudroom into a fully functional laundry room as well.

Having laundry accessible straight into your home can save you future cleaning time with the kids or after working outside. Plus, having it stare you in the face before leaving the house or first thing entering the house will remind you to put the clothes into the dryer.

Mudroom and laundry room Remodeling Contractors in Indiana

Whatever remodeling option you decide to go with, it’s crucial to ensure you choose a remodeling contractor that is experienced and trustworthy. At Nicholas Design Build, we’ve added mudrooms for countless Indiana families. Together, with your experienced home designer, we will design your mudroom with confidence.


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