6 Way To Make Your Remodel Work For The Whole Family

6 Way To Make Your Remodel Work For The Whole Family

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or other family space? It can be quite the expense, not only financially but emotionally on your family. It’s important to pick a design-build team that will work with your family to make the remodel work for everyone. Your family is what makes your house a home and remodeling projects can be quite nerve-wracking and stressful experiences for your family as they go about normal routine. With this in mind, here are 6 tips for making your home remodel work for the whole family!

6 Tips for making your remodel work for the whole family

Any step to make sure the remodel works for the whole family starts with talking with your design-build team. Make sure that your entire family is present during your meetings so everyone can air what they expect and need from the remodel. Make it a family affair that will transform your shared spaces into something you can all appreciate and love.

1. Bring everyone to design-build team meetings before the remodel begins

We cannot emphasize this enough, bring the entire family to the design-build team meetings. The bulk of planning happens with the design-build team, and they need to know your families routine to make sure it works for everyone. Their job is making sure that everyone is happy with the process!

Get all members of the family involved in these meetings so the design-build team knows what everyone wants and needs out of the remodel. The more involved the whole family is in the planning, the less anxious they’ll be about the process.

2. Pick out styles for the remodel together

A great and simple way to make sure that the remodel works for the whole family is also making sure they are involved in picking out pieces that will occupy the space. Whether it’s furniture or the color of a wall, a backsplash tile, lighting fixture, or even countertop can all be picked with the assistance of the whole family.

Make sure the whole family can sign off on the styles chosen around the remodeled space. Nothing is worse than someone not signing off on a certain style choice and having to see it everyday. The more the family can agree and know what’s going in the space, the better it will be for everyone involved!

3. Share updates of the remodel regularly with the family

Another way to make the remodel work for the whole family is to share updates of the remodel with everyone regularly. Whether it’s a small step or a big part of the process done, take pictures and share it with everyone to show that progress is being made.

If you’ve received something regarding the project from you build team, let the family know. If there are any issues that come up during the process, let the family know what was wrong and what the plan moving forward to fix it is. Let the family know that they have full control over the remodel and can ask to speak to their design-build team at a moments notice if something has come up!

4. Ensure nothing is left unsaid from anyone in the family

It can be really hard for your family to make sure that they are heard and say everything they need to say during any design-build team meeting or even after. Sometimes it helps to have certain protocols in affect to help alleviate any chance that they feel that they weren’t able to share something.

Consider having a designated person in the family to keep all of the notes the family have on anything they want done. Or have everyone in the family keep a list of any questions or wants they may have that can easily be shared amongst the family and design-build team! It’s important that everyone in the family feels that they’ve been heard.

5. Make choices that ensures accessibility for everyone in the family

If you have young ones, older family members, or a family member that may need a little help around the house, it’s important that they are heard in terms of accessibility. Little one’s may want storage for things they care about closest to the ground, an older family member may need railings or specific flooring for certain spaces.

Consider any and all solutions that can be incorporated for these family members to make the home a place that is easy for them to navigate and recharge in without having any issues!

6. Give everyone a space in the remodel

Giving everyone a space in the remodel will make any family happy! Whether it’s just ensuring your new kitchen island has enough seats for everyone, that your bathroom has a designated storage space for everyone, or your mudroom has a cubby for everyone. Making a space that is specific to each family member will help make the remodel work for the whole family.

If you know that a certain family member has a certain affinity towards a specific part of the house, make it their own during the remodel. Does you daughter love to read by the garden window? Create a reading nook next to the garden! Does your son just love playing in the kitchen while you cook? Have a section close to the action for him to bring his toys in!

Remodeling with nicholas design build

At Nicholas Design Build we will always keep your family in mind during the remodeling process. We offer a number of remodeling projects in our services and are open to working with your family to make the perfect dream space. We’ll work to involve the whole family while also getting the job done and increasing your quality of life and property value. Together, with your experienced home designer, we will design your remodel with confidence. Using high-end 3D design technology, we open your eyes to stunning possibilities while meeting your family’s lifestyle and needs.


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