5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Why is your home’s curb appeal so important? Well, for guests and more importantly, potential home buyers, it is the first impression that they get of your home’s value and aesthetic. If your curb appeal is impressive, it will leave everyone wanting know more about what’s inside. You don’t have to be a master at landscape design to reap the benefits of a well-designed exterior. There are so many simple improvement options to choose from!

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Before any work is done, talk with you design-build team about any visions or wants that you have for the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. Be sure to discuss any feature recommendations that your home builder might have to increase the value of your home further. If you get stuck, here are some of our top 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal!

1. Install Custom Doors To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most effective ways to upgrade your home’s curb appeal is to consider installing custom doors for your entryway. Custom doors are a great way to show off your personal style and reflect the design of the interior. You can choose from a variety of materials and combinations such as wood, glass, or reclaimed supplies and pair that with design elements like metal framing. To enhance your door design add unique hardware knobs like crystal or copper.

A design tip we love is to add matching shutters to reflect your custom door throughout the exterior of your home!

2. Install Window Boxes And Porch Seating

Window boxes are a quick and easy way to add color your home’s curb appeal. Not to mention the charm they add to your exterior’s design. Choose window boxes made from materials like wood, iron, or copper and plants that suit your color scheme and climate. 

Add more charm to your curb appeal by installing porch seating near neighboring window boxes.  A set of rocking chairs or a bench swing is a great way to make your home feel more welcoming!

3. Create Symmetry

If you’re looking to do a major remodel of your exterior, a major way to upgrade your home’s curb appeal is by creating symmetry in your entryway design. Whether you want to relocate your entry door or simply add design accents, symmetry is key to drawing in spectators. Consider adding columns or sidelights to accentuate the front door symmetry and finish off with a large focal lighting feature in the center.

4. Add Landscape Lighting For Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting is not only amazing for enhancing the design of your exterior, but can be an amazing safety and security feature as well. Add accent lights to trees or along a walking path. This can eliminate falls on your walk way and add drama leading up to your entryway.

If wired lighting fixtures aren’t an option for you, solar lighting fixtures are also available!

5. Build a Unique Walkway

Another way to make your home’s entryway feel inviting is to incorporate a well-designed walkway. At NDB Design Build, we usually start with a beautiful perimeter fence to add to design while also providing security. When it comes to the walkway itself, we recommend ditching the concrete. Stone or brick pavers are the most popular options because of the classic but unique design that they provide. If you prefer the uniformness of concrete, add a fresh coat of paint and line the perimeter with pavers and plants.

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At Nicholas Design Build, we have transformed hundreds of homes in the Indianapolis area. We know the importance of curb appeal and can help you to maximize your budget to increase your home’s value and improve its appearance. We also provide a three-year warranty on all workmanship so you can remodel with confidence!


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