5 Tips for a Luxury Kitchen Pantry

5 Tips for a Luxury Kitchen Pantry

There are several ways to improve your kitchen, but none more reliable than a new, luxury built-in pantry. A great kitchen pantry is among the top 10 home improvements that increase one’s property value. Having plenty of space in the kitchen to move freely is important, and its no secret that most kitchens lack the space to allow proper preparation of food. So why not add a spacious pantry to your home?

Kitchen Pantry = More Storage and Better Organization

Let’s face it, kitchen cupboards and countertops only have so much room. That’s why we are here to discuss five tips you should consider when designing your walk-in luxury pantry.

1. Lots of Shelving and Plenty of Drawers

The ability to go in, look around, and quickly get what you need is essential for a functional pantry. To achieve this, consider installing wrap-around shelving to neatly store all your kitchen accessories (cookbooks, spices, snacks, etc). Having more storage will allow you to keep things neat, as well as make the space more usable!

For hidden storage options, installing plenty of drawers is a must. If you don’t want things to be in sight or have smaller pantry essentials, drawers will help with just that!

2. Insert Narrow Countertops

The perfect space to prepare things like coffee or cocktails. Having extra counter space in your home allows you to collect and sort items before bringing them into the kitchen (perfect for hosting guests, right?)

3. Install Extra Light

Most pantries don’t have windows that bring in natural light, so it is important that you install proper lighting. A popular, useful light choice is a motion sensor LED light. When you have an arm full of groceries and can’t reach a light switch, having a light that activates when you open the door will be a game changer.

If you plan on having multiple shelves and tend to gravitate towards those midnight snacks, installing lighting along your shelves would be a good choice.

4. Stow Away Kitchen Appliances

Do you own an air fryer, toaster oven, blender, coffee pot and you don’t know where to put everything? If you want to strive for that minimalistic look and have clean countertops, take your bigger kitchen appliances into consideration when designing your luxury pantry to have the storage space for them.

5. Take Advantage of Clear Stackable Storage Containers

Airtight containers help preservation of food, spices, and baking ingredients. They also help you visualize how much of a certain item you have, so you’re no longer guessing what you need to pick up from the grocery store. Lastly, they stack very well and maximize available space on your shelves.

Luxury Kitchen

Design The Pantry of Your Dreams

This space is designed to make life easier for you and your family.  If you don’t think a Luxury pantry is right for you but you want to spice up your kitchen, check out a Butler’s pantry. Click HERE to read more.

To learn more about how to take the first step in creating your dream pantry, contact us at Nicholas Design Build and work with one of our design teams today!