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Remodeling FAQs

Please reference Nicholas Design Build’s remodeling FAQs for common remodeling questions. All projects, homes and families are different, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific questions.

How long will my remodel take? (Most common remodeling FAQs)

At Nicholas Design Build, we believe in the saying “time is money” and we respect the importance of your home. We strive to execute your remodeling project in a timely manner in order to keep the stress off our clients and their pockets! The general answer to this question is as quickly as possible. In reality the specifics depend on your individual project needs. We know we are quicker than most because the Nicholas Design Build team has eliminated the design step with a separate designer. Eliminating the outside designer trying to communicate their vision to the builder. Oh, and don’t forget the designer having to check up on the builder to make sure the remodeling work is done well. (There is a lot of room for error there…)

We already have a seamless team of designers and builders who have ironed out the communication process. This reduces time waste and increase the ability to create exactly what you envisioned. Our 3D design technology gives clarity to our clients so they can easily and confidently make decisions. We are here to serve you and your family with quick and quality service! 

How does your team handle communication during remodeling projects? 

Something we are very proud of at Nicholas Design Build is that we have excellent communication with our teams. One thing we are sure to do after each project is debrief our process and communicate with each other the obstacles we came across. We do this so that the next remodeling project will be even more of a smooth process than the one before. Having an open conversation assures that everyone is on the same page which is vital for a quality job! 

Another way Nicholas Design Build assures good communication is our web-based project management tool we offer for clients. With this tool, clients can track their individual remodeling project and manage things like design, scheduling, and budgets while also talking with the team! 

Can I trust your workers and team members in my home? 

Trust and communication are our top priorities here at Nicholas Design Build. Providing you with a worry-free remodel, we work hand in hand with each other ensuring that only people of the utmost character are part of our high-quality team! Kyle Nicholas has a family of his very own. We understand how unsettling it can be to have strangers in your home and around your children. We hope that our communication is so inclusive that you know and develop relationships with all the people helping you remodel your dream home! 

Another way for customers to get a little peace of mind when deciding to go with Nicholas Design Build for their remodel is to look over our reviews. Our company has successfully remodeled over 100 homes each year. We have plenty of reviews from real-life clients displayed proudly on our website. To see reviews from our past work, simply click here.

Where is your company located? What areas does your company serve? 

Nicholas Design Build is located in McCordsville, Indiana. Our company mostly serves customers in the Northern suburbs of Indianapolis. If you are waiting to see if we serve your area just click here. Still can’t find your area? No worries! Kyle Nicholas is constantly trying to expand his amazing business and serve other communities he may not usually serve. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or write us an email to let us know what area you are located. Our team is dedicated to all customers in all areas, if we can’t serve you we hope to at least give you some helpful tips! 

What services do you offer? 

We want to assist our customers in any way that we can and the only way to do that is to be as versatile as possible. At Nicholas Design Build, we can help you remodel any part of your home whether it be the kitchen, basement, bathroom, or even exteriors! Our team would love the opportunity to assist in your home’s fresh facelift. Since we have a design team on hand, we can be of great help for some because it is tough to make every single little remodeling decision. Our team is always ready to offer you the best advice from the ample experience we have under our tool belt. 

Satisfied with your home’s look but want more? Our team at Nicholas Design Build can also help customers with home additions. We have been around for a while so we know a thing or two about adding to your property’s value. Nicholas Design Build has also made sure that we use the best technology for our clients to design their next project. We want to help you get exactly what you want, when you want, at a price you can afford. 

Nicholas Design Build Service List

Where can I view past projects before deciding to work with your company? 

If you would like to see some of our past projects, our company is more than happy to share those with you! We are beyond proud of our team and their delivery to each clients’ needs at Nicholas Design Build. It is really nice to be able to view our portfolio not only to see how well we do but also it might give you some inspiration. Having a tough time making a decision? We have plenty of experience and projects that we can help you overcome any design block you have. Our team is ready to serve you at any time in any way, shape, or form. 

Click here to view a large inventory of past homes Nicholas Design Build has transformed. Not seeing what you are looking for in particular? Send us a quick email or give us a call and we can most likely find something in our inventory that matches what you need. 

What makes your company better than competitors? 

Kyle Nicholas has built a professional design build company from the ground up. He actively invests into the character, professional development, and goal setting of each and every employee. So, every member of this remodeling team feels excited and inspired by their work and each other. The value of this intentional training and growth is obvious throughout the entire remodeling process.

Nicholas Design Build has come far in the world of contractors because they set their goals high and lay the groundwork for success only. Our company debriefs after all remodeling projects because we are dedicated to constantly improving. Each team is their own worst critic, it has to be this way if we want to be a leading superior remodeling company. 

We can assure that we are the best because all of our work is done under one roof. This eliminates confusion and frustration that may lead to mistakes and wasting your money invested into the project. 

Another way that Nicholas Design Build ensures satisfaction is our warranty. Hardly ever will customers be able to find a contractor with a warranty above 1 year. We offer a 3-year confidence guarantee. This warranty is not limited, it is for any workmanship needed. We hope that this puts our clients at peace with their decisions. Remodeling is expensive and so we want to make every step hassle-free and affordable for you and your family. 

Our company has been awarded for excellence. Nicholas Design Build was rated “best of houzz 2018 for service” and Nextdoor’s “Neighborhood Favorite” 2019 winner. Both of these awards represent our company’s pursuit of excellence. We also have a 5.0 star rating on Google. We are proud of our talented team members for helping us create a company that is quality, dependable, and professional. 

How do I get started with your company for a remodeling project?

Ready to start the groundwork for your remodeling project? We can’t wait to meet you and your family to start working on creating your dream home! If you are ready to discuss plans and details of the remodeling process, head over to our website or give us a call at (317) 335-4706. At the top of our homepage, customers can fill out the form that is listed under the “Contact Us” button. This form will help inform our team members at Nicholas Design Build of what kind of project you need assistance with. 

How do you plan to stay on budget? 

Working as a team has many benefits and the major one is that we are never off track with any of our remodeling projects. We want this to be a hassle-free process you can feel confident in. We strive to stay on schedule and according to plan as possible. Remodeling your home can be stressful not only because of the time it takes but also because of the financial toll it can take on a family. From experience, Nicholas Design Build has figured out a formula that works perfectly for almost all of our customers. Our exact budget formula is precise and ensures that all areas are included in your home’s remodeling estimate. We are the professionals so relax as we transform your home without putting a hole in your pocket! 

How do I know if I need a contractor? 

This is a common question for us at Nicholas Design Build. An easy way for people to see if they need a contractor for a job is to see if you have the time, tools, and skill for the task at hand. Oh and don’t forget about the permitting and all those details. Not sure if you do or not? We would love to help you even if it’s just a phone call at first. It is important for customers to ask professionals about their opinion on a remodeling project done before getting their hands dirty. Sometimes these projects can seem small but end up costing lots in damages from lack of knowledge or skill. 

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