Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Hop onto in 2021

Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Hop onto in 2021

Before hiring a professional design-build firm to remodel your kitchen, check out these emerging kitchen remodeling trends that experts predict will make waves in 2021. A professional firm can guide you in making the final decision for your new kitchen’s layout, theme, and extent of remodeling required.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Hop Onto in 2021

Due to the pandemic, quarantined home occupants have been gravitating towards the warmth of the hearth to ease their “cabin fever.”

The kitchen has now replaced the family room as the central space where everyone converges. But this time, it’s not only to eat, but also to play and have fun. Here, moms and dads can supervise the kids’ online classes while prepping for a meal. And they can send out reports and get work done in between the pings of the oven and the slow-cooking on the stove.

Even as the heart of your home has taken the most beating in previous years, it must now step up to increased usage and traffic.

Here are the expected trends in remodeling your kitchen in 2021 to adapt to the new normal.

1. White Mixes Up With Colors

With the transformation of the kitchen’s function comes a revolution of perspective. No longer the exclusive territory of the resident chef, it now demands a livelier atmosphere.

Colorful vases with fresh plants and flowers are seen beside condiment bottles. Artwork is not limited to nursery school drawings on fridge doors anymore. Antique kettles and pottery sit on shelves alongside stainless steel cookware.

White kitchen islands, cabinets, shelves, walls, ceilings, and perimeters are mixed together with warm woods and lively paints. Or they’re replaced altogether with textured and natural materials like wood and Quartzite. The overriding theme is rustic instead of modern.

2. Welcome, Open Concept!

Having the entire household spend most of their day in the kitchen warrants a major change to remodel what was once the back of the house into a front act.

The boost in traffic flow, for instance, renders a divider or door moot. Demolishing them facilitates ease of movement, widens the space, improves ventilation, and ushers in more natural light.

Replacing them with an oversized island achieves the same objectives. And in the days ahead, having two islands may even be commonplace.

Using colors in the same spectrum, similar materials, or identical accents in the living and dining rooms will unify what used to be three distinct areas.

3. Focus on Presentable Organization

With the open concept design on the rise, homeowners are finding that their kitchen becomes less private. Hence, in 2021, decluttering this high-traffic area will be a priority.

If having double kitchen islands isn’t possible, then more tables can provide distinctions for dining, working, studying, and creating projects.

Shelves would be more user-friendly than cabinets. Baskets and caddies will acquire an essential role in managing stuff previously relegated to other rooms in the house. The same goes for charging bays and gadget organizers.

4. Second Kitchen Makes a Comeback

Old houses required a “dirty kitchen” for log-fueled stoves and hefty cookware with burnt bottoms. Modern appliances and cooking implements have since outdated the utility of a secondary kitchen.

But the advent of a new lifestyle mostly spent indoors is reviving the need for sculleries. It can be where heavy and dirty work gets done from food prep to the complicated cooking and cleaning up. Dry and fresh food deliveries could also be better organized and stored in this section.

The stove, oven, fridge, and dishwasher can be moved here as well. Their smaller versions are convenient alternatives.

This movement opens up the main kitchen to more space with less clutter conducive to studying, working, and intimate gatherings. Add a sofa, coffee bar, or a breakfast nook to indulge individual whims.

5. Walk-In Pantry as Alternative for Storage and Meal Prep

If your budget won’t allow for a second kitchen, a walk-in pantry works just as well. It doesn’t have to be big, just creatively constructed to provide the same amenities.

Maximize the walls and ceiling by installing hooks and built-in shelves instead of cabinets. It would be great to have a window high up on one wall with a countertop and a small sink below.

Equip the room with small appliances, and it’s ready for food prep, basic cooking, baking, and cleanup.

6. Eco-Friendly Choices are Favored

People are growing more conscious of their environment; this is reflected in the increased interest in sustainably sourced and produced goods.

Designers love this development, especially when working in kitchens. It emboldens them to use low-VOC wall paint, artisan tiles, rescued and repurposed fixtures, textured wood, and marble.

Natural metals like brass and copper, without the lacquer, also inject warmth to an otherwise sterile atmosphere.

Functional and operable windows and window screens are likewise preferred over technology-driven exhaust fans. The reasons? Natural ventilation and lighting.

7. Timeless Replaces Trend

Many designers have long advocated enduring lines, styles, and materials, but it’s only recently that homeowners have started embracing this school of thought.

People now recognize the value of durable and long-lasting craftsmanship, superseding fad, and the inclination to opt for what’s in vogue.

Thus, outdoor upholstery is used for indoor furniture not just for its ability to withstand wear and tear but also for its easy maintenance feature. Stone slabs are being swapped for tiles as backsplash. And hardwood offers a lifetime of storage service as well as protection for appliances.

Getting Your Dream Kitchen Remodeling Done

Kitchen remodeling trends in 2021 trace their roots to the first weeks of the 2020 pandemic when people found themselves quarantined in their homes.

As the confinement stretched into months, homeowners discovered that the current layout no longer served their new lifestyle.

Family members started spending more time together, and most often, in the kitchen. Thus, the room that was once a stopover before heading out to work or school became the convergent zone. And kitchen remodeling projects hit the roof.

This is not a simple or easy endeavor, though. It requires extensive planning, careful budgeting, and hiring the best design-build team to ensure success.

But if you study the 2021 trends described above and hire experts who can take care of your entire project from the design phase to the finishing stage, you will surely realize the kitchen of your dreams.


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