How To Protect Your Roof From Tornadoes And Hail

How To Protect Your Roof From Tornadoes And Hail

In Indiana, one of the most valuable things you can do for your home is to protect your roof. If you live in Indiana, chances are you see a lot of tornadoes, tornado-like winds, and hail. With weather like this, it is pertinent that your roof is fit to take the beating. This type of roof damage can lead to leaks which weaken the structural integrity of your home and contribute to the development of mold. While ignoring minor damage today may save you a little money now, it is not only dangerous for your family but can cost you thousands more in the future. 

How to Protect Your Roof From Tornadoes And Hail in Indiana

There’s no denying that roof damage from tornadoes and hail is both dangerous and costly. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to prevent damage from happening in the first place. Talk with your design-build team about which measures to take to ensure your roof and home are protected from the elements.  Here are 5 tips you can follow to protect your roof from tornadoes and hail.

1. Hire Trusted Professionals

The absolute best way to protect your roof is to hire trusted professionals for all roofing installation and repairs. Quality remodeling contractors will ensure that the work is done correctly. Your roof is your primary line of defense against mold, water damage, and rot. You need to feel confident that your new roof is done well with the best materials available. 

When choosing a remodeling contractor be cautious of “storm chasers”. Storm chasers are traveling contractors that aim to do repairs in locations that have been recently affected by severe weather. These contractors tend to work for cheap but cut a lot of corners when it comes to quality and safety. 

At Nicholas Design Build, we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. With us, your roof replacement will come with a 25-year warranty so you can remodel with confidence.

2. Cut down or trim overhanging trees

While large trees are a beautiful landscaping element for your home, they are also a big hazard when inclement weather comes around. Make sure that the tree branches that hang over the home are cut down periodically. It’s also important to pay close attention to the health of large trees near your home. Rotting trees should be removed as soon as possible. A branch is one thing, but an entire tree falling on your home is a preventable and disastrous other.

3. Choose the right roofing materials

Choosing the right roofing materials is a crucial aspect of protecting your roof.  Certain materials are better made to withstand high winds and hail than others. Metal, copper, resin, and aluminum are some of the most durable options because of their strong structure. 

These shingle types can typically withstand winds of up to 120 mph and are ideal for tornado resistance. Plus, steel roofs tend to be more fire-resistant in the event of lightning. 

A tip for hail damage prevention is to use rigid sheathing for your roof. During a hail storm, flexible sheathing flexes which can cause damage. Choosing a more rigid material provides more support and protection against impact.

4. Minimize Roof Overhangs

Roof overhangs are important in protecting the exterior of your home from weather-related damage. However, you need to ensure that the roof overhang of your home is wind resistant as well. If your overhangs are too wide, your roof can be lifted up by tornado winds much more easily. Keep overhangs narrow to ensure exterior protection and wind resistance.

5. Have Inspections Done regularly

Even if you’ve had the most amazing roofing contractor install your roof, you need to keep an eye out for damage. Year after year, your roof is put under continual stress. The best way to make sure that it remains at its best is to have inspections done regularly. 

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that you have your roof inspected at least twice per year. Identify and resolve damage quickly to prevent minor issues from becoming huge financial losses.

Nicholas Design Build Roofing Contractors in Indiana

At Nicholas Design Build, we provide a 25-year warranty on all roofing replacements. We also use a personal, interactive 3D design of your home to make sure you love the style and materials before any work is done. Our team is experienced and will make sure that your roof is done properly so that you and your family stay safe.


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