All You Need To Know About Building A Mother-In-Law Suite

All You Need To Know About Building A Mother-In-Law Suite

Are you considering building a mother-in-law suite? While it might be time to move in the parents, the question comes up of where to move them into exactly. Building a mother-in-law suite might be the answer you’re looking for. Taking on the home addition project of adding on a mother-in-law suite gives you and your parents the perfect amount of privacy, closeness, and function! So in that essence, here’s all you need to know about building a mother-in-law suite broken into 5 considerations.

5 Things to consider when building a mother-in-law suite

Before any work is done, talk with you design-build team about any visions or wants that you have for building your mother-in-law suite! Make sure that you at least have one meeting with the design team with your in-laws/parents. A successful mother-in-law suite is built with the whole family involved!

1. Design the suite with your in-laws

As mentioned above, it is crucial that you bring in your parents/in-laws for the designing process. Minimum, they should be there for at least one meeting with your design-build team. The more meetings and input they are able to contribute to, the more secure you can feel in moving forward with the building of the mother-in-law suite.

While you have your parents best in mind, it’s hard to speak fully for them when it comes to design choices and what they need. Only they know what they truly desire in the end suite. Plus, the space is ultimately for them to be able to live in comfortably and only they know what it is that can help them live comfortably.

2. think about functionality

When building your mother-in-law suite functionality needs to be at the front of your mind. Think extra storage, think extra space. Depending on the size of your mother-in-law suite you may not be working with the largest space.

Every aspect of your mother-in-law suite must be functional. The space should flow organically into each section and your parents should feel at home! A large part of that comes from how functional the space is to their desires!

3. think about accessibility when building a mother-in-law suite

This is another very important conversation to have with your design-build team and your in-laws/parents! While functionality is important, accessibility is equally if not more important. If there is any handicap or health issue that hinders your parents, there may be some creative design choices that help them live in their new space!

Small design changes to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or other living spaces within the suite can make quite the difference in regards to accessibility. Talk to your design-build team about creative options to help them make the most of the new addition.

4. Consider the location of where you’re building the mother-in-law suite

When it comes down to the actual location of where the mother-in-law suite is being built, it’s important to take into consideration multiple things. How important is privacy to you or your parents? Do you need them closer to the kid’s room? Do you need them closer to your bedroom?

The location of where you build the mother-in-law suite is a crucial design choice. The decision is usually influenced by your homes current layout and what additional roles they might take once they finally move in.

5. think about space when building a mother-in-law suite

What other functions may your mother-in-law suite serve once it’s completed? It’s important to think about space because of that. Do your parents enjoy hosting friends over? Maybe you’ll all have dinner in the suite together some nights, or maybe Friday game nights are hosted in grandma’s space!

Depending on the size you have, the functions of the space may change. Make sure to talk to your design-build team about some design choices that may save space in your suite!

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