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6 Luxury Home Addition Ideas

Do you feel like your family is growing out of your current home but love your Indiana location? A luxury home addition might be just what you need to keep you in your current neighborhood. With a luxury home addition, you can not only add square footage to your home but create new living spaces that will up your entertaining game and serve your family for a lifetime. These types of home additions add an incredible amount of value to your home and make everyday living more pleasurable. With so many options to choose from, we have curated 6 luxury home addition ideas for you to consider.

5 Benefits of Heated Floors

Imagine walking into your bathroom after a cold winter night and feeling a beautiful warmth underneath your feet. With heated floors, you’ll no longer have to jump from floor mat to floor mat to avoid the dreaded freezing tile.

Heated floors are a luxurious home feature that have become a popular trend in home remodeling in Indiana. While radiant floor heating is considered a luxury design element to put under bathroom or kitchen tile, it also has many practical benefits for the entire household.

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How To Protect Your Roof From Tornadoes And Hail

In Indiana, one of the most valuable things you can do for your home is to protect your roof. If you live in Indiana, chances are you see a lot of tornadoes, tornado-like winds, and hail. With weather like this, it is pertinent that your roof is fit to take the beating. This type of roof damage can lead to leaks which weaken the structural integrity of your home and contribute to the development of mold. While ignoring minor damage today may save you a little money now, it is not only dangerous for your family but can cost you thousands more in the future.

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Custom Closet – How To Add Value to Your Bedroom

Even the most serene of bedrooms can be tainted by disorganized and cluttered closet space. Not being able to know or find what you have can be a daily frustration without the designated storage areas that you have in a custom closet.

Creating a custom closet can completely transform the way you live by adding personalized, functional spaces to your daily routine.

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All You Need to Know About Remodeling Contractors In Indianapolis

Are you looking to remodel in Indianapolis but have no idea where to start? Finding quality remodeling contractors in Indianapolis can be difficult, but the rewards certainly exceed the costs. If you’re new to remodeling and don’t quite understand the process, a remodeling contractor can be the guide that you need to avoid the pitfalls and complete your project correctly.

Fishers Master Bathroom Remodeling

In our Fishers Master Bath remodel, the homeowners were dissatisfied and frustrated with their outdated bathroom. They wanted to change the existing layout and give the space a fresh new look. Our goal was to make use of the current space, but in a way that made sense for the homeowner’s lifestyle and preferences.

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Sustainable Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

The global climate crisis cannot be ignored anymore. Solutions call for the participation and cooperation of all sectors, including the construction industry.
The home decor sector is also seeing a major shift towards sustainable design trends in 2021. Architects and designers have responded with increased application of the “reuse, reduce and recycle” principle. They are now incorporating sustainable materials and planet-friendly components into their construction projects.

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