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living room remodeling ideas

6 Remodeling Ideas For Your Home Entertaining Game

With life starting to get back to normal, your home entertaining game can use an extra hand after the months of isolation! Remodeling ideas may just be the thing to make your space feel like new and welcome in your guests once again. There are so many spaces in your house that can be remodeled to make the most of your entertaining game. We’re here at Nicholas Design Build with some of our best remodeling ideas for your entertaining game!

kitchen remodel for the whole family

6 Way To Make Your Remodel Work For The Whole Family

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or other family space? It can be quite the expense, not only financially but emotionally on your family. It’s important to pick a design-build team that will work with your family to make the remodel work for everyone. Your family is what makes your house a home and remodeling projects can be quite nerve-wracking and stressful experiences for your family as they go about normal routine. With this in mind, here are 6 tips for making your home remodel work for the whole family!

basement bar

How To Create The Perfect Basement Bar

Are you looking to create the perfect basement bar space! Whether it’s for a man-cave, more home entertaining space, or just an adult get-away from the kid’s a basement bar can add a huge sense of luxury to your home! Right below your feet is a space that’s just waiting to be flipped into the new life of your home.

mudroom remodel

7 Must-Haves For Your Mudroom Remodel

A mudroom remodel might just be the thing your family needs in your home! A mudroom feature placed very strategically in your living space can make your house seem much more like home. Mudrooms give you a space to transition from the outside to the inside, it allows you to tidy up and get settled before relaxing in your space. It gives a space for the little ones to keep their rain boots and coats, a space for the garden lover to clean used pots, and for those with a loving pet to keep their leashes and such organized!

Custom walk-in pantry

6 Custom Walk-In Pantry Remodeling Tips

Do you feel like your family might be outgrowing your storage space? A custom walk-in pantry remodel might just be in order! Gone are the days of balancing all of your groceries on top of each other, having your ingredients pushed to the back of the shelf to be forgotten, or just plain losing it over inadequate cabinet space! A custom walk-in pantry could just be the aid to get your kitchen space back in order.

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Fireplace

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Create a Home Oasis

A luxury bathroom remodeling project might just be the thing to transform your bathroom into a home oasis. You deserve a space in your home to relax and feel like you are in your own personal spa! Within your lifetime you spend an average of 2 years in the bathroom (DailyInfographic). While those 2 years might not be the most relaxing, your bathroom should still create an environment you feel calm and pampered in. While the idea of luxury bathroom remodeling may seem draining, the right features will be nothing short of worth it!

outdoor lighting

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Why is your home’s curb appeal so important? Well, for guests and more importantly, potential home buyers, it is the first impression that they get of your home’s value and aesthetic. If your curb appeal is impressive, it will leave everyone wanting know more about what’s inside. You don’t have to be a master at landscape design to reap the benefits of a well-designed exterior. There are so many simple improvement options to choose from!

4 seasons room addition

Remodeling Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Entertaining Game

Do you love hosting? Well good news! Parties are beginning to make a comeback! While having a clean home is a good step towards creating a home entertaining space, it may not be enough to ensure that your home is cohesive for socializing. Luckily there are many things that you can do to improve the flow, style and functionality of your home when it comes to large get-togethers.

patio remodel

Patio Remodel Ideas For The Winter Season

As the colder seasons roll around, the time we spend outside begins to dwindle and dwindle. What if we told you that is doesn’t have to? With a well-designed patio remodel, you can continue to enjoy and entertain in your outdoor living areas all year long. All you have to do is invest in quality patio remodeling contractors that can help you to weather-proof the space. Because the worst thing you can do is spend all that money on a outdoor patio that you can only use for half of the year.

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