Making the Most Out of Your Pool House

Making the Most Out of Your Pool House

A swimming pool right in your own backyard is a reward in itself. But why stop there when you can add to the luxury with the convenience of a pool house?

Whether you build this structure at the same time as your pool, or you realize it as a necessity after the fact, it pays to plan for a functional and efficient structure. And don’t forget the aesthetics. Aim for a stunning pool house while you’re at it.

Below are things you should consider when designing your custom pool house. Plus, some tips you can adapt according to your lifestyle.

7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Pool House

Before construction, make sure your pool house adheres to the city or county building codes prescribed for your area. A smart move would be to hire a design-build firm that can take care of this requirement for you.

1. Design the pool house to complement your home

Granted that you’re building the structure out of need, but you’ll have to admit that luxury, fun, and entertainment are also part of the equation. Thus, aesthetics must not be ruled out.

To ensure a seamless, Instagram-worthy outdoor swimming pool, and pool house, try following the basic style throughout.

This doesn’t mean the pool house needs to be a replica of the main house. Rather, it shouldn’t look like an afterthought, or worse, like it belongs to the neighbor.

Assuming the pool house is an addition, the best way to achieve a unified look is to have it done by the same group of people who worked on your home’s construction. If it’s impossible to put the original team of architects, designers, and builders together again, consider hiring a design build firm to take over.

2. Install privacy settings

You wouldn’t want your personal recreation to be a public attraction. So, position your pool house away from neighborhood eyes. If it can’t be done due to architectural or structural reasons, erect a privacy wall instead.

An overhang will help with concealment while protecting your loungers from the burning afternoon sun. You can also add mesh or wire screens, retractable shades, or waterproof blinds. Choose windows that are either etched or frosted.

3. Have both indoor and outdoor sections

It won’t be summer all year, so provide a home for all your swimming and lounging paraphernalia when the weather gets cold or wet.

A room in your pool house will also offer privacy when changing outfits before and after diving into the water.

Consider adding a half bath with a toilet, sink, and shower as well. It is handy to have these close by to save you and your group frequent bathroom trips to and from the main house.

4. Organize your gear

Swimming is an outdoor activity, even if the destination is your own backyard. Your stuff isn’t limited to swimsuits, goggles, floats, and towels. Toiletries, before and after clothing, footwear, and electronic gadgets are must-haves, too.

To avoid clutter, equip the interior of your pool house with cabinets, shelves, and hooks made of water and rust proof materials. Don’t forget to leave space for your lounge chaise and tables.

A closet for cleaning implements will save you the inconvenience of going back and forth to use the ones from the main house.

The pool house exterior would greatly benefit from a bar where you can stack plates, glasses, and flatware. Install vinyl or weather-resistant wood storage drawers and cabinets beneath. Add a charging bay for gadgets to keep them accessible.

Plant a stainless steel clothes rack in a discreet spot so you don’t have to deal with a wet floor in your pool house room.

5. Place small conveniences within reach

Prepare to enjoy the hot months by stocking your pool house with necessities before the brood is ready to jump in.

Fill the indoor cabinets with color-coded fresh towels and the half bath with toiletries. Refill your cleaning liquids and detergents as well.

Next, inspect the dishes and eating utensils in your bar cabinets. Do the same with your sponges, dishwashing detergents, and drying towels.

Set up a barbecue with tongs, forks, serving plates, and skewers.

Add a mini fridge to the bar and stash it with drinks, snacks, and frozen food for the grill. Don’t forget to stock the cabinets with chips, serving bowls, and dip bowls.

Having your pool house WiFi-ready is also a convenient service everyone will appreciate.

6. Make room for entertainment

Aside from lounge chairs, oversized armchairs with waterproof cushions would be a convenient addition for family members and guests just out of the water. Remember to use colors that blend well with the pool house structure. Better yet, choose various shades of blue and green to create a beach vibe.

Several small tables are also comfier than a large one. Place a condiment caddy with coasters, paper napkins, toothpicks, salt, and pepper shakers on top of each one.

Be ready to party! Save some space for a sound system, special lighting, and a TV set for entertaining different types of guests. You’d want to be prepared for dancing, singing, and movie marathons at a moment’s notice.

7. Safety and security measures

Since your pool house is separate from the main house, you have lesser control over its security. Install safeguards against theft, preferably electronic locks you can set and monitor remotely from your phone. Schedule periodic checks on your calendar on installation.

First aid kits are also critical items to add to your pool house room. Designate a labeled cabinet and examine the contents before summer. Read expiration dates, test if band-aids and surgical tapes are still sticky, and verify the condition of medical devices as well as their batteries.

Choosing the Custom Home Builder Perfect for You

While a pool house may be considered an extravagance, you’d have to agree that it does improve the convenience of swimming within the comfort of your compound.

It’s also an alternative party venue that eliminates the stress and effort of prepping your home for entertaining guests.

With proper planning and the best design-build team on your side, you can have a pool house that will last for countless memorable summers.


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